Most Important Action

So, I trade stocks and options and make some good money with it. To be successful, there are some import actions involved. Like checking the news and sentiment in the morning, checking the charts, look out for interesting companies or commodities, improve your skills and so on…

But I think there is really one thing you should do every day, preferably in the morning. This is the most important action and the key to success:

Hunt for great investment and trading opportunities.

What exactly do I mean with this? Find some possibilities you can invest your money in. Take your time and find them. Every day. Compare them and decide where to put your money at.

How do you find them? Probably you have a selection of favorite stocks and securities, so start with them. Then look out for new companies you haven’t known. Or take a look at familiar ones which got interesting again. Find some exciting charts, where the price broke through some barrier. Analyze some commodities or exchange rates. Check out the news, articles, blogs or forums.

Be a hunter

There are endless possibilities each day. You just have to find them and decide which are good enough. Do not invest your hard earned money in every possibility. Compare them and only choose the best ones.

The important thing about this action is not the trading itself, but to look out and find new trading opportunities.

The interval of your buying and selling lies in your hands, but seek out for new chances as often as possible. Be a hunter. Find your prey. Study it. And if it looks good, go for it!