As I wrote, I’ve tried Upwork and think it’s great. It is amazing when you get work from the table, which would only bother you and have it done by someone else. The process is super easy – especially if you find a talented freelancer: Define what you need, choose a freelancer who meets the requirements, clarify some questions and wait for the results.

Another benefit of outsourcing is that you have to get very specific what you want. You can’t just start working, only to realize that your goals aren’t clear. This happens, because often it is easier to start with something – e.g. writing – than to plan it. Working with a freelancer forces you to make it clear what you want and what the goal is.

I want to outsource more of the writing tasks, because I feel it takes me too long. This includes copy and article writing, as well as proofreading.

Furthermore, I have already found a superb virtual assistant I’ve worked with and looking forward to get more administration tasks done by her.

Getting Streamlined

I’m working on a digital service – an online course, to be more specific – and the timeline is pretty tight. So I really want to work very effectively.

There are some tools I use a lot: Evernote for all kind of notes, brainstorming and bookmarks. Wunderlist for personal management. WordPress, of course. Lastpass as an awesome solution for the password problem. And others.

But the whole thing calls for more. I need streamlined processes and systems. Here is what I want to try in the next weeks.

Currently I write down topics, ideas and content for a video course. In the next step I will make a draft of a video script. This will be sent to a writer, who I will hire via Upwork. Then the video will be recorded. Probably I’ll do the voice-over myself or outsource it to a professional speaker.

The video will be available at Udemy, which I will use for the first time. The idea is to make a free course to get feedback from the customers. I will also try to push this by providing digital giveaways in exchange for feedback. Based on these insights I will create a payed course.

I’m especially curious about Upwork, which I’ve tried once and really amazes me. It is pretty cool to have someone who does your work, sitting somewhere in the world. You can focus on more important stuff and she will be happy to support you. Plus, it is not very expensive.

Furthermore I like to try Trello as a project management tool. I’ve heard some good words about it and the visual way of organizing stuff is something I like.

This is a quick sketch of my system. There are a lot of ideas in my head, how to improve it and I’m excited to develop it along the road.

Ideal Business Model

Life is just too short to spend the major part of everyday with things we do not love. So we should always try to reduce the tasks we do not like and follow our passion. This is possible if we make enough money with a job which takes little effort or working hard on a vision we love.

How does my ideal business model look like?

I like to be outside. Spend my time in the mountains. Or exploring new places and cities. So my goal is to be independent of the place where I do my work.

The first part of the puzzle is trading stocks and options. As long as there is internet connection, you are up to date and able to trade.

Then there are apps. If you do it right, some good apps in the stores can bring you extra bucks each month. Once set up, the efforts to keep them running can be minimal.

And finally there are digital services and content. Bring together the knowlege from the previous points and wrap them up in some nice ebooks and other media forms.

That’s basically my ideal business model. I think it is also important to keep an open eye and discover new possibilities. Entrepreneurship is not something static but an ongoing process.