Things you really need

Having the refugee crisis at your door step makes you think about, what in life is important. Imagine a refugee, who left back all his belongings, trying to find a better life. Could you give up all your stuff to live your dream. I’m not sure if I could.

Anyhow, it definitely let’s you reconsider the importance of material stuff. An average person in the western world owns about 10.000 things. Probably most of us aren’t even aware of, how many things we possess and only realize it, when we move. Then we have to pack all these little unknown things into boxes. Soon again, we will have forgotten the most of it.

What would you leave back first or what would you grab, if you had to escape from your home within one minute?

The first things I would consider are the digital helpers: smartphone, tablet and laptop. It’s crazy, but these are the tools that have become so important. They would help me to handle many situations*: contact other people, research the web for information, navigate, buy something. Only then, I would grab my wallet, clothes, food, sanitary products, etc.

The other way round, if I had to choose things to get rid of, it would be almost all the things in the basement (I have recently donated some bags of clothing, so I skip this thought).

I think this is actually good idea. Let’s declutter this dark room down there!

* ok, in case of an extreme event this would fail, because networks would be dead, but this is another story

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