Me Time

My personal goal is to get more freedom. This especially means to spend time in the mountains and go biking and snowboarding more often. I really like outdoor sports and for me it is the best way to enjoy my time.

It is great to have some time for me – being for my own – or sharing it with friends. Anyway, I feel better after being outside. I always collect new impressions on the way and it just reboots my brain.

Living in Munich makes it super easy to be in the nature and in the mountains. The Alps are just an hour away and you are in Austria, Italy and Switzerland in no time.

Currently I’m trying to be in the mountains once a week. This is kind of the minimum over the next year and I will try to increase it over time.

This is all about taking time for me: Me Time. It will make me more effective after returning, help me to focus and to kick butts.

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