Virtual Assistant


As I wrote, I’ve tried Upwork and think it’s great. It is amazing when you get work from the table, which would only bother you and have it done by someone else. The process is super easy – especially if you find a talented freelancer: Define what you need, choose a freelancer who meets the requirements, clarify some questions and wait for the results.

Another benefit of outsourcing is that you have to get very specific what you want. You can’t just start working, only to realize that your goals aren’t clear. This happens, because often it is easier to start with something – e.g. writing – than to plan it. Working with a freelancer forces you to make it clear what you want and what the goal is.

I want to outsource more of the writing tasks, because I feel it takes me too long. This includes copy and article writing, as well as proofreading.

Furthermore, I have already found a superb virtual assistant I’ve worked with and looking forward to get more administration tasks done by her.

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