Focus on one thing

The ONE Thing

I am constantly excited about new things. When I dip my toes into unknown terrain, I often can’t resist to jump right into it and enjoy the time in the “flow” state. In general I think that is a positive characteristic. But on the other hand, I get bored fast. This is, why many project end as quickly as I started them.

Focusing on one thing could really help. You have one goal and one project you are working on. No other distractions, no overwhelming work load.

My One Thing for the next twelve month is to get more freedom. This means more financial freedom but especially more freedom in choosing when and where to work.

I do not make this more specific. This is somehow a compromise between selecting one thing and staying flexible. Because I can not make a final decision regarding my business model. It will include stock and option trading and digital services in some way. But I want to try some different things and see how it works.

To get more focused during this year, I will set a priority project every week. Plus, I will not work on more then two projects at the same time – and only if it makes sense and is possible.

The next step will be to start the first (side-)projects and fill up my bank account to finance 4 month without income.

Let’s get started!

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