Bad Habits


Everybody has good and bad habits. Of course we all want to get rid of the bad ones, but ever so often we struggle with it. This is, because it is a hard thing and takes time. It can’t be done in one day or a week. Only if we can abandon bad habits for a longer time we are successful.

If I could replace a bad habit it would be my impatience. I can almost only focus on things which provide instant feedback and gratification. It is very hard for me to endure long projects, where the results are unclear or far away.

In the good sense this makes me always interested in new things. I am keen on learning and exploring the unknown. But most of the time I do not dive to deep in it, because it bores me just too fast.

The stock market is thus very fun and rewarding for me. You see very quickly if you are successful or not. Ok, there are times when everything just moves around the same level – these are the bad times -, but they are rarely.

Within the big picture, however, it is not satisfying. Even in the area of trading it is not always great to be impatient.

So what can I do to get rid of this habit?

I think the best way to improve impatience is to focus on the high level goals. The reason why you do something. It’s important to define and visualize this goal. The next step is to make detailed plans how to reach it. What are the most important steps and milestones?

By this, you have a destination and a map that guides you. Whenever it gets difficult along the way, you can refer to your overall goal and think about the joy and positive expectations connected with it. This will help to endure the hard parts of the journey.

I will improve my personal impatience within the next month and work more organized. This means defining clear high level goals and planing the individual steps. The plan will also include due dates to make it more accountable. The focus of every action is to reach the goal.

Even the longest trip starts with a small step. Let’s start and stay patient until we reach our goals.


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